MGJJ 2024 Summer Belt Promotions

We are having our 2024 Summer Belt Promotions on Tuesday, June 18th and Wednesday, June 19th. Doors will open at 6pm for both days. All evening adult classes will be canceled for the promotions.

Registration closes on June 9th.

White and Blue Belts will attend on Tuesday, June 18th.

Purple Belts and above will attend on Wednesday, June 19th.


If this is your first promotion with us, here are a few FAQ's:

Q: What do I need to wear?
A: Your GI and Belt with any stripes you currently have (Make sure your belt has a black bar)

Q: Will there be any testing or training?
A: No. There will not be any testing or training on the promotion days.

Q: Does registering automatically mean that I will be promoted?
A: No. Registering lets us know that you will be in attendance at promotions and helps us to know who we will be evaluating for possible promotions.

If you have any further questions about the promotions, please feel free to ask an instructor or any member of our staff.