Be part of Marcelo Garcia’s New York City Academy from anywhere on the globe, as the 5-time Mundials (World) and 4-time ADCC Champion trains himself and his students for world-class competition.


This revolutionary online Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling training program is designed by eight-time National Chess Champion, two-time Tai Chi Push Hands World Champion, BJJ black belt, and author of The Art of Learning, Josh Waitzkin.
We have all heard top grapplers talk about the parallels between BJJ and chess–now you can combine full access to the laboratory of the greatest grappler on the planet with the no-nonsense tools of elite chess training for just $25/month!


Watch Marcelo evolve his cutting edge arsenal, while he teaches and rolls every night. Lessons and sparring sessions are broken down into multiple sub-themes, all interconnected in our growing database, allowing for navigation back and forth between theory and practice. For example: If you are watching Marcelo teach a way of taking the back against a counter to a seated guard sweep–you can hit one button and watch every moment in our archive database in which Marcelo has done that while rolling. Or, if you are watching Marcelo spar one night and notice a transition into the x-guard that you’d like to see broken down, you can hit one button and watch Marcelo teach that technique in class.


Our vision at MGInAction is to open up the dialogue around grappling—no more secrets! Marcelo shares everything in his game—for example on June 6 he won the 2010 Middleweight World Championships for the fourth time and his first two matches ended with the North South Choke that is taught in tremendous detail on MGInAction.


This program is highly customizable, allowing practitioners of all levels to search for positions, submissions, sweeps, transitions, and escapes. With the My Page feature, you can then save favorite videos into a personalized study library for quick reference. There has never been a martial arts training system like this.


The most explosive grappling repertoire in the game is now yours for the taking.

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